Small Group Paperwork Processing Extension

Posted January 15, 2016

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) is experiencing an unprecedented amount of applications for new small groups for 2016, which is causing processing times to be extended. Standard processing times for new groups is approximately two weeks; however, we anticipate extensions of up to 30 or more business days. We have increased staff and expanded our operating hours to quickly meet the demand. We have also added a hotline number to address urgent needs for care from members.

Please note that BCBSIL cannot verify eligibility and benefits for new small group members until their groups’ applications are accepted and implemented in our system. We have established a member hotline (see number listed below) for members to call in the event they experience an urgent medical need and wish to verify coverage.

We have recommended that individuals keep their current policy until they've received confirmation of their new coverage from BCBSIL. Until a group has gone through all the application processing steps, and BCBSIL is able to administer benefits under their new policy, the group's insured status is not yet confirmed.

Hotline Phone Number for Members Needing Urgent Care
If a member has urgent care needs, but has not received a member ID card, they may call the hotline phone number at 800-541-2762. The member may press “1” at the voice message prompt that says, “If you are calling on a policy with a 1/1/16 effective date and have not received your ID card, press 1.”